Jun 18, 2024

Nhlanhla Lux To Make His Appearance in Court


Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini, leader of Operation Dudula movement is set to appear at the Roodepoort Magistrate Court, pending his arrest late 24 March Thursday, after his interview with Khaya FM.

Upon entering the Johannesburg Central Police Station, Lux Dlamini had a word or two with the media, urging his members to not act with violence. He said this is a stunt to pursue hate in hopes to see Dudulas act like the “hooligans” Malema calls them to be.

Lux was arrested for house breaking and assault, for a case opened at Dobsonville police station by Victor Ramerafe, former EFF deputy secretary in his ward. Ramerafe says his belongings were ransacked and stolen, the group that entered his home left him injured and traumatised. Lux was accompanied by the police during the raid.

Believers of Operation Dudula movement say Julius Malema is pulling all stunts in the aim of bringing the dedicated youth down. The community of Dobsonville say Ramerafe is known to be an alleged drug dealer. Operation Dudula is already outside the court in their movement t-shirts. The movement leaders outside say they are anti illegal immigrants and anti drugs in South Africa. The secretary general of the group says it is unacceptable to allow illegal immigrants to enjoy the fruits of labour the previous anti apartheid leaders fought for, the freedom for South Africans