Apr 16, 2024

Nhlanhla Lux on Podcast and Chill with MacGee


Nhlanhla Lux on Podcast and Chill with MacG, opening up on the reason behind Operation Dudula and it’s mission.

More and more youth members of South Africa are in support of Nhlanhla Lux, more especially after getting insight of what he’s for and about. During his interview on the famous Podcast, Lux expresses in detail many factors that many are blindsided with, most of all when it comes with having to accept the political world that consists of and is led through corruption.

The interview that lasted over an hour, carried more than enough details on what Operation Dudula is for and how this far have not caused any damage in the country, have not spilled blood but only fought the injustice system that allowed a non fair trading platform for street vendors. With the podcast giving people many the platform to be honest and open, that of Lux was one many were looking forward to.

The county has for years struggled to fight the drugs and illegal immigrants taking over the CBD and beyond, with now Lux and many saying enough is enough let the young solve this issue and not rely on leaders who are drowning in corruption. South Africa is slowing detererating for the worst as foreign nationals are not obeying the law with many over powering SA citizens.

The south african economy is unstable with Lux saying it’s embarrassing that as a country we borrow money from other countries and continents whereas SA should be the one actually borrowing those countries. This indicates how the countries finance is mismanaged and obligated to fail.

He explains on how the government is targeting the poor when claiming to fix the country, for example, how Eskom is still on Soweto’s bill that was created and owed by many who have now moved and elevated to Houston and Fourways, leaving the next generation to inherit the bill Eskom expects them to pay.

The Democratic Alliance Johannesburg Mayor was dealing with the illegal connections in Johannesburg CBD, and only now do we learn from Lux that the intention was to cut off power in Soweto and the Operation Dudula came in to say it is well within proper humanity that the task begins in the CBD where illegal foreign nationals are occupying highjacked buildings, benefitting with free electricity.

According to Lux, operation Dudula is not fighting foreign nationals and are not only raging blacks but are fighting the injustice system allowing foreign nationals to do as they please such as selling of drugs, expired goods at stores and contribution to corruption by having the SAPS on their pay rolls. He says the media has shown one side that does not resemble the true mission of the operation and that there’s more to come with the potentials of having to shut down all the police stations in the country.

With regards to Julius Malema Calling them thugs and bringing up their names even where it’s not necessary, shows how politics now is not about building South Africa but fighting one another to get to the top. Lux say these politicians are now using social media as though the reality is on social media, which of course is not.

Under the comment section on the podcast, many of the youth are saying they regret not supporting him from day one, and coming to know he is for the people and not power or money gives them hope that the youth are opening up to standing up for a better South Africa, free from the injustice system of the country that have allowed foreign nationals to do as they please knowing very well they get away with it as the law does not work on them.

The interview contained more than we can put on paper, information on why border gates cannot be put down. And the rest of the plans Lux has for South Africa. For now it is safe to say the youth of South Africa is behind Operation Dudula and are at full support of it, “making sure those being born now, are born debt free”.

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