Jun 18, 2024

New Generation manufacturing their own Lamborghinis


A young gentleman from Limpopo made his own Lamborghini with his bare hands, no assistance from any car manufacturing machine.

If you cannot afford it, simply make it. The new generation is putting a good use to the word DIY by making things they can’t afford, even if what their heart desires costs a fortune worth millions of rands. That’s the spirit a Limpopo born young man carries with him, a young fella who decided to not be let down by society and its currency but rather go ahead and make his dreams come true.

Not many have thought of working for that dream car, to them it’s just a dream and ends at that. We have borne witness to it before, youngsters building their own cars. This time we meet one who just didn’t build a car that moves just to take him down the road, we see a fella who took time and energy into designing and manufacturing a dream car.

From a distance, only a professional would have the eye to see it is indeed not the real model but the dedication put in manufacturing the vehicle, the work is absolutely remarkable to be missed and not adored. It is alleged that the manufacturer did not receive any financial help to complete the project.

The new generation seem to not have the patience of waiting on the government for any assistance. A lot are starting their own businesses, turning dreams into reality, and doing the greater good for their communities. We are yet to find and celebrate a youth who will resolve the water crises faced in rural areas, however there’s enough faith in knowing there’s already one working on a solution.