Jul 20, 2024

Nelson Mandela | The belongings of the world icon will be up for grabs in New York.

Nelson Mandela

South African anti-apartheid revolutionary and stateman, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela’s 100 shirts and personal belongings will be up for grabs in New York.

The auction event, which will take place in December at the famed Guernsey’s house, is expected to make huge returns in terms of cash. The Mandela family will then utilise the funds to start a memorial garden in Qunu.

In his statement, Mkaziwe Mandela he elucidated that the family has reached the decision to auction the items to generate funds that will assist realise the late icon’s aspiration. According to him, Mandela had the personal dream of a memorial garden created near his home in the village of Qunu, Eastern Cape. He strongly believes that the same site will serve as a leading tourist attraction in the province.

“When people come and visit, they have to actually deal with their own issues that they have, not just in terms of racism, but also personal issues,” noted Makaziwe Mandela. In addition, he said when they finish walking in the garden, they should actually have a sense of what lesson can I take from Nelson Mandela’s life that I take home with me. Apparently, included in the 100 Mandela auction item is a high-value letter he penned 45 years ago while the world icon was still prisoned in the Western Cape.

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