May 28, 2024

Nappy Braai | Baby shower parties for men expands

Nappy braai

Men celebrating baby shower is slowly growing into a norm for the male society, who dedicate the celebration day in gifting the father to be with diapers ahead of the birth, while also having their braai to top off the celebration.

It was unusual and forbidden to see a man attend baby showers and now men are having their own baby shower and of course alcohol and meat are on the menu, but what is different from their known bear and braaiing, the father to be gets showered with nappies, enough to last the parents during the baby moon stage. Nappy Braai

Society is slowly welcoming and encouraging change and having men contribute with gifts for the early days of the baby, is a southing sight. It does not come as a surprise that at baby showers, mother’s are given advice, games are played and gifts for the new born are brought. With men calling it a nappy braai, one can only wonder if nappys and braai are all it is to the event or advices and games are also taking place.

Baby shower