May 20, 2024
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Naledi Chirwa | “If acting was a person”

Naledi Chirwa Chased out of parliament

Economic Freedom Fighter MP Naledi Chirwa made headlines yet again, doing what she’s known for, kneeling and crying. She, along with her other MPs, were forcefully removed from parliament, after they were requested to vacate the premises.

Their removal turned violently in no time, from splashing water around, to hair pulling, some throwing om the ground and pushing around. Chirwa instantly qualified for top trending topics. The public was not buying her side, they quickly took to twitter to say a few. “They taught Naledi Chirwa a lesson today, next time she will think twice before behaving like a shebeen queen in parliament. You don’t just threaten people! Ahh The EFF” @MsNtfulini

After so pushing, pulling and kicking, EFF MP Chirwa threatened one of the security personnel, before getting down and crying. “You don’t stay here, you stay in our communities watch your backs.” she said. Many thought its questionable how she would with the security and hand out threats, then cry.

@i_sephara “Naledi Chirwa is a perfect symbol of a parliament that has lost its membership value. The EFF deploying a foreigner with no SA constituent representation, ahead of qualifying EFF youth shows that they dont recognize the importance of their own deployments.” Later Chirwa was said to have checked in for medical examination after her fall