Jun 22, 2024

Naked woman vandalises capitec bank store branch


A jaw breaking video showing a distressed naked woman vandalising a Capitec Banking Branch has surfaced on social media.

In the video the woman, completely undressed can be seen destroying computers and throwing things around screaming and shouting, “I want my money,” whilst terrified employees and customers ran out of the store.

South Africans reacted to the video on twitter with some seemingly feeling sorry for the distressed naked woman. The tweets on the comment section read as follows: “There’s nothing funny with the capitec video, imagine her kids seeing this video. Also consider the stress level she may be going through to end up taking off her clothes inside the bank.”

“Capitec is always trending for the wrong reasons. If it’s not their winding queues, its people who are losing their money in unclear ways and capitec doesn’t want to help them. People say it’s cheaper but cheap things will be expensive later in life Capitec clean up please.”

“Dear @CapitecBankSA I refuse to wait for my day to come, I would rather shift before I regret. Your level of incompetence is too much at this point.” “What’s happening ka capitec mara. Not so long ago it was Chris nou ke Aus Mpumi.”

Capitec Bank SA is yet to respond/issue a statement on the incident. It is not the first time Capitec Bank is trending in regards of money owed to their bankers, a few years after the establishment of the bank, money claims were made too. It is yet to be seen how capitec will react to the matter and strategies taken to avoid such activities from reoccurring after a while.

No family member or close friend have come forward to explain the main cause behind the naked woman’s stunt that took place at capitec and if whether or not she received a solution to her distress.