Jun 18, 2024

N3 Blockade | Truck Drivers Taken Apprehended For Questioning


Following the N3 blockade in Kwazulu-Natal yesterday, police have confirmed that they have taken in several truck drivers for questioning.

Truck drivers blocked the N3 near Van Reenen’s pass following the government’s failure to respond on the 3rd of December in a matter concerning foreign national drivers.

The South African Police Service have confirmed that they have taken a number of drivers in for questioning after their trucks were found left without keys on the N3 blocking both lanes obstructing the flow of traffic.

Earlier yesterday public road users were urged to avoid using the N3 due to the blockade that resulted in few hours. Police officers were deployed to the road to ensure the blockade doesn’t occur further during the day.

SAPS went on to confirm that the traffic is now flowing perfectly without any obstructions on the road. Motorists can now drive freely to their destinations using the N3.