Jun 22, 2024

Mzansi Still in Disbelief with Soka’s Decision | Love vs Employment

South Africa not so thrilled with the decision Sokalezwe took, choosing Onalerona over a job. Soka told his new boss he won’t be making his way to Durban and guess why.

The role of Soka on House of Zwide eTV played by Linda Nxumalo is a young man who came from the rural areas of KwaZulu Natal to stay with his cousins in Tembisa while he studies Accounting but instead falls in love. Recently Mzansi related closely to the role Soka played, scoring himself an interview with the help of his crush Onalerona, the yellow bone from down the road.

Soka got the opportunity to work in Durban and be with his grandmother, however he ended up forfeiting the opportunity all because of love. When on a video call with the Employer and got asked why he didn’t make it, his reason was “there is rather a personal matter that does not allow me to leave but thank you sir, thank you” and that pissed many unemployed youth off with this decision. Taking to social media, many expressed their disappointment in Soka not realizing how hard it is to find employment in South Africa, even if you obtain a qualification with your name on it.

Yes Sbutubutu (Soka’s vehicle and first love) broke down on his way, though it was Onalerona’s confession that changed his mind about going. Ona told Soka she is also head over hills inlove and little did many know that the future accountant thinks with his heart and not the head.

Many called him stupid, with some saying how they wish such opportunities would show up for them too but only in reality. His decision made others wonder as to what if such scenarios are real and have happened. Employers also came forward admitting they come across such similar cases of youth with potential “not making it to their first day at work because they were too drunk and slept in”

However Nxumalo was only portraying the character he’s meant to play. Perhaps this was a way to give the youth a wake up call when it comes to their decisions regarding such opportunities. The character is not real as it was scripted but SA related to the scene and somehow took it personally.

In the meantime Molefe is also keeping the ladies on their feet as he is still confused on who to choose between Dorothy and Nomsa while also terrified of being “stuck” with the same partner forever. House Of Zwide airs every Monday to Friday 19:00.

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