Jun 15, 2024

Mzansi Still Calls for Mafe’s Release

Zandile Mafe the alleged parliament arsonist is on the stand for his bail hearing. "I had to take those jobs because I had rent of R450 to pay"

One day left before Zandile Mafe (Parliament Arsonist) second court appearance and South Africans still maintains Mafe is innocent of the crimes to his name.

Zandile was accused of setting alight the Parliament on Sunday and was immediately taken into custody, he made his first court appearance where his case got postponed to 11 January 2022. Mzansi since day one stood behind Mafe, labelling him as innocent of the crimes accused of. A trend of movement calling for his release has made its way to social media; graphics expressing the message has blown the internet.

With findings made since “investigation” made South Africans conclude that the accused parliament arsonist is innocent of all charges, people including the lawyer are crying foul play, suggesting Mafe is nothing but a scapegoat forced to cover the tracks of those involved in this crime.

With the information made public about the investigations, mzansi say all does not make sense for a very significant place in SA to not have a fire safety measures checked and maintained, mainly the mention of the building not being insured vested rage to many that this has been planned from the onset and that the explosives found in his possession were planted there while he was homelessly sleeping.

To find out how the court will rule his arrest, mzansi will have to hold on to its shoes for a few hours left until Mafe’s second court appearance that is set for 11 January Tuesday. Pictures and videos calling for Mafe’s release and mentions of his innocence are still circulating on social media.