Jun 22, 2024

Mzansi Stands Against Musi Maimane


Former DA leader Musi Maimane has for days preached the end of Operation Dudula and the forcing out of illegal immigrants. This time around Mzansi stood up to him against what he preaches. Maimane has thrown the word Xenophobic around, and now it’s the word Afrophobia, “there’s no space for Afrophobia.” tweeted Maimane

South Africa is under strain with unemployment draining careers and dreams, now the issue of illegal immigrants not being attended to and Maimane with Malema Calling the youth who want to be the solution to the issue, as Xenophobic criminals.

The youth on twitter say he does not have the right to defend illegal immigrants and proves he has businesses or deals in other African countries and is in defence for such, forgetting he once vowed to protect the citizens of the country.

Politicians are also in the opposite, Herman Mashaba who has always wished to send illegal immigrants back to their countries has worked alongside Mzansi to tell off Musi Maimane when he attacks the citizens and call them Xenophobic.