May 20, 2024

Mzansi Melts To Lumko Tweet


Lumko Johnson melted hearts when they(does not go by he/him) shared with the world how their mother expressed support in waiting to give them a female name once they is complete with the sexual identity transition. “My mom just told me, over dinner, that at the end parts of my transition, she wants to give me a (daughter) name. I’ve been a crying mess.”

The tweet warmed hearts, with many wishing ‘They’ well wishes through the journey of transitioning. Earlier in the begining of April, Lumko made the announcement that They would like to now be adressed as ‘They/Them’ instead of ‘He/Him’ and society seems to have welcomed the new change in Lumkos life. The YFM Radio DJ is undergoing changing their sexual orientation or reshaping their gender identity, through the use of therapy and hormonal treatment. The actor expressed excitement through sharing the news and promised to inform the public who to address them as once the transitioning is complete.

Lumko Johnson is a radio DJ, actor and producer, Johnsons was known as a presenter on Yo-Tv but was a producer of the show before being an on air presenter. Lumko has also had a few appearances on TV know for having played gay characters on many of his roles. They has grown to blend in the entertainment industry, hence it was easy for them’s followers to accept the change and transition. The polite and calm character is still witnessed from they, making it for fand to interact with they and share love.