May 28, 2024

Mzansi Divided with New Syllabus


South Africa is left divided after a picture of a learner, learning how to make use and insert a prophylactic on an object that seem to resemble a penis, reached social media. Mzansi saw this as the right place to instill and practice sex education while others feel science subjects should be prioritized instead.

For years schools have been thinking of ways to reduce teenage pregnancy and any other other cynical consequences from not practicing safe sex it was finalized that the subject Life Orientation will be used to introduce such a lesson to learners. However the idea was not so welcomed by everyone. Some feel the lesson should be taught at home and thus motivates learners to go out and have sex, to consider dominating science subjects and technology.

Mzansi is now being compared to China by people who feel such lessons should be forbidden. China is known for its technology also went viral after it was brought to the world’s attention that the country advances in technology, introducing the building of gadgets at a tender age. However there are concerned citizens who feel teaching children to practice safe sex is the best way to prevent negative outcomes.

Reports have shown that children from the age of 14 begin to take part in sexual activities, mainly caused by under pressure from peers or partner as it has also been proven that dating for emotional course also begins at age 14. South Africa has indicated an increased number of teenage pregnancies starting from the age of 10. The pregnancies are a result of rape, while others are a result of partners who are older and did not let the girl decide.

Parents say talking about sex is difficult at home and children prefere a mediator to receive the information from. Many underaged girls have not reached the age to fully understand the reproduction system which in a sense should educate learners that abstain from any sexual activities.