May 24, 2024

Mzansi Calls for Old Safe Hillbrow


It has again hit the trend list for its drugs and all criminal activities. South Africans are calling for attention be brought to Hillbrow, in attempt to clean the streets.

The country has been under strain, the struggle to keep citizens safe from drugs is ongoing. A few days ago a video reached social media, of an elderly man witnessed by the police force and Dudula movement in Hillbrow, selling drugs and was found in possession of needles and drugs.

The video was used by many who said the EFF should be well aware on how a drug dealer does not have a particular look. This comes after Victor Ramerafe’s home was allegedly ransacked by the Operation Dudula movement, which led to Nhlanhla Lux’s arrest on Thursday.

Mzansi is calling for the arrest of all drug dealers in and around Johannesburg, to protect the youth from being swallowed by the substance that is adding to the strain the country is already under. In the mean time, it has and is Operation Dudula vs the Economic Freedom Fighters on social media.