Jul 21, 2024

Muxe Mchavi living his dream as a professional footballer.

Muxe Mchavi

Muxe Mchavi popularly known by his on-field name “Muxe Na Bolo”. Muxe is a footballer born and bred in Ka-Ngove village, Giyani.

Muxe grew up playing football in the dusty streets of Ka-Ngove village, coming from a background that loves Football things became a lot more easier for the 27 year old to pursue his goal of becoming one of the footballers produced in Ka-Ngove village.

Mchavi rose to fame when he was given the opportunity to play for KYD FC for the 2013/14 season, the 27 year old won GLFA with the club which later saw them gain promotion in the SAB League.

In 2015 Mchavi moved to Wilson Express for 3 seasons and later joined Ndengeza FC for 2 seasons, after serving his 2 seasons at Ndengeza Muxe went on to join Emmanuel FC where he was groomed by the club’s former coach , Nkondlo.

Throughout his football journey Mchavi was featured in a Soweto based team Gupta FC and has helped them win the Mgege Summer Games. Besides the accolades he’s won with the club, Muxe also won the “Player Of The Tournament Award” in Zama Zama Sports Challenge (2019) & “Goal of the Tournament Award” in Mopani (Selwane)Soccer Tournament.

Muxe also featured in Makoti Annual Soccer Tournament representing his village Ka-Ngove, where he scored from a free header which saw Ngove progressing to the last 8 and eliminating the hosts Ramotshinyadi out of the Tournament.

“The name Muxe Na Bolo which means (Muxe had got the ball be happy) came from Wilson Express FC fans”

“Whenever i get into the field of play i tell myself that i’m going to create more than 10 goal scoring opportunities and score 2 goals in each game.”He said.

Muxe Mchavi recently joined Black Leopards in the January Transfer Window and made his first appearance in Lidoda Dhuva’s colours against Pretoria Callies on the 20th of February 2022.

Amongst other things Muxe is widely known for his free kicks and assists.