May 24, 2024

Musician iFani faces backlash over Boity Thulo tweet


Musician Ifani has come under heavy criticism for his recent tweet about Boity Thulo’s altercation with Bujy Bikwa on Thursday, 07 October 2021.

The Xhosa rapper on twitter account, @Ifani_Haymani, commented on the recent assault on Boity which left the ‘Wuz Dat’ hitmaker having to be taken to the emergency room after being struck by a bottle and Bujy Bikwa arrested. “If God gave me a chance to hit Boity, I wouldn’t use a bottle,” Ifani tweeted.

The tweet left twitter users unimpressed with some calling him ‘disgusting’ and criticizing the rapper. ‘Not this, not now’, ‘what a disappointing comment’, ‘you are never late when you have to embarrass yourself’, your joke is as unfortunate as your career’, read some of the replies to the tweet.


Bujy Bikwa has since spoken out following his arrest releasing a statement on social media revealing that he was verbally abused and that his surname has no relation to who he is and because of that his career is going nowhere in terms of growth and that he “was nothing!” by Boity.

“Furthermore, during a verbal argument, I was then physically assaulted being kicked and punched while being told that (“I’m a man, I’m a man”) I must take it. Bujy then gave a brief account of how he injured Boity saying he unintentionally threw the glass in his hand out of frustration leading to the subsequent injury and also revealed that he has also opened a counter case of common assault against Boity Thulo for physically attacking him and for the injuries sustained for 7 days in police custody.

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