May 28, 2024

Musa Could Face A Lawsuit From DJ Sbu


South African Artist and businessman DJ Sbu threatened to sue Celebrity gossiper Musa Khawula for R1 Million. The lawsuit threat started when Musa took to his twitter and said “DJ Sbu who is rumored to have sent his thug friends to steal 6 of Zahara’s awards sets to release 10 NFT pieces on the 30th April 2022. These allegations follow DJ Sbu after he swindled Zahara of her Loliwe funds.”

In no time the radio personnel responded in a short space of time with a lawsuit threat worth R1 Million. Twitter divided into two with some defending Musa but others also saying his journalism way of reporting gossip is scary and may lead to serious negative consequences and defamation of character. “Musa adding flames But lets be honest why would DJ Sbu awards ..that guy got his own money and brands, this is nonsense lets be honest”

The celebrity gossiper was given a chance to take down the tweet in a time space of 2 hours as per from DJ Sbu’s legal team. “My legal team says I should at least first give you a chance to delete it in 2 hours. So by 5pm if this tweet is still up, get ready for R1M debt.” added the artist under Musa’s tweet.

The day was a roller-coaster on its own for Musa. But just as many thought he will back down, the gossiper shook his followers when he moved from allegation on DJ Sbu to allegations on Mihlali Ndamase dating Leeroy Sidambe, who he says left his wife Mary Jane Sidambe for Ndamase. some of his followers called him out for his braveness while others think he needs be careful of what he say which may defame peoples lives.