Jun 15, 2024
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MTV BASE Gender-Based Violence Show Draws Attention

MTV BASE Gender-Based Violence Show Draws Attention

MTV Base gender-based violence awareness show set to air on the screens from march draws attention for associating with celebs known for previous gender-based violence allegations. 

 “MTV Shuga; what makes a man” tackles the subject of gender-based violence as a collective societal issue. With the likes of Big Zulu, Uncle Vinny, Bujy and more. Big Zulu a famously rapper, in 2018 he was allegedly charged for assault after attacking his baby mama. 

 Bujy allegedly hurled a bottle of liquor at Boity’s face leaving her with bruises and she was taken to the hospital for medical attention. The fight took place in a public setting, a hotel in Waterfall. How do you justify casting and paying people to do this show with the history of abusing women? 

 Ht4211 tweeted “Bujy should be nowhere near that show, it’s like having a paedophile on a kiddies show. How can you bring someone who literally hit a woman with a bottle, to a show about gender-based violence? It’s bad taste to be honest.” 

 People are upset and have so many questions about the interest of the show.