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The South African Tv and Radio producer, Msizi Edgar Nkosi has been reported dead at the age of 34 as he was involved in a mortal car accident on Sunday, 15 August 2021.

According to the statement released by Nkosi’s family, “it is with great sadness to inform  you of the untimely passing of our beloved and admired brother, friend and colleague, Mr Msizi Edgar Nkosi. He passed away today, the 15th of August 2021…”


It is with a great heavy heart to admit that another soldier has fallen. South Africa is once again left in distraught after reading about Msizi’s untimely death. He was known for his good work as a tv and radio producer, novel writer, bestselling author, and the owner of Ed King Lifestyle. Msizi Nkosi life was unfortunately claimed on a deadly head on crash on the N2, Mandeni, KZN.

It seems like the dark cloud over the country’s entertainment industry hasn’t drifted away as Msiza’s death happened right after Shona Ferguson, Killer Kau and Mpura’s death.  One can never get used to death, losing loved ones and people considered as heroes, is such a hard pill to swallow and accept. Legends may be gone from sights but not from the hearts

He worked and resigned as the head of content for daily Thetha, Ukhozi FM show producer hosted by Mroza Buthelezi , The author of  “ I’m a different mess than I was yesterday.”  This book focused mostly on his alcohol addiction, which led him to being hospitalized and how worried he was about his career, him blaming his parents for choosing to settle in the rural areas and his physical disability. It is basically about how he grew up, the kind of encounters he faced as he was becoming an adult to his current state In Johannesburg

Across social media platforms, people are showing gratitude, respect, admiration and appreciation towards his good work and dedication. The fallen producer’s family members urged to be given privacy and time to process their loss.  Further information about his burial ceremony will be provided later on.

    • 3 years ago

    Ngikhumbula aze eskolweni sethu azo si motivata ungikhombise ukhanya lobaba lo RIP

    • 3 years ago

    Rest in power king🙏🏾

    • 3 years ago

    This guy used to uplift me with his voice

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