May 27, 2024
International News

Mr Happy Face | World Ugliest Dog Crowned

Mr Happy

A dog named Mr Happy Face was crowned the world ugliest dog in Carlifonia at the contest that promotes the adoption of dogs, even those that might have missing fur, mismatched ears or crossed eyes.

The dog ‘Mr Happy Face’ and its owner, Jeneda Benally won $1 500 and a trip to New York to appear on the today show. Mr Happy Face is a 17 year old ugly Chinese Crested dog which was crowned the champion of ugliest dogs in the world. Jeneda the 41 year old musician adopted the dog last year.

Mr Happy Face contesed with five other dogs for the title, it is said the dog has tumors and neurogical issues and also struggles to stand upright, or walk and hold its head askew. The owner said the dog was a survivor of abuse and neglect. The World Ugliest Dog Contest takes place every year though it has been delayed for the past two years with covid19 restrictions.