Two friends heating things up with their Mulilo sauce

Two friends heating things up with their Mulilo sauce

It is all possible only if you trust and believe it can. Mpho Mpfuni a young business minded individual, aged 29, is a farmer from Makhado, Limpopo, who specializes in agro processing.

Mpfuni is the co-founder of MULILO hot sauce, a brand which was created by him and a friend, Khuliso Gumani, a chef who inspired the whole concept of the sauce. Gumani asked Mpfuni to bring ingredients from his farm so they can produce a sauce to serve with.  The sauce is beings processed using the chilli’s from his farm.

The brand is surely growing to the next dimension; people tend to love the product not only in Mzansi but also in the neighbouring countries. Mulilo holdings currently owns ten hectare’s which grows beans and chilli’s’ but it doesn’t stop in farming, as Mpho is also involved in construction.

Two friends heating things up with their Mulilo sauce

Together they are still growing to reach greater heights, “there is still a lot that needs to be achieved,” Mpfuni said. He added on to say he wants the brand to be available in all stored nationwide as they still have a long journey ahead  and aim to get there against all odds. Mpho said he believes hard work and dedication will pay off in the end, just after he had announced more flavours will be produced, to provide their customers with variety and still enjoy the sauce to the fullest.

Mulilo which means fire is what you get when you consume the sauce, especially to those who enjoy hot sauce with their tender meat. This product can be found at Roots stores or any local distributors countywide. To place your order you can contact them on 072 658 1226 so that you can get connected to the nearest distributor to your home, restaurant, franchise and many more.


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