Jun 18, 2024

Mphahlele Family To Sue Limpopo Department Of Health For Medical Negligence.

Mphahlele Family To Sue Limpopo Department Of Health For Medical Negligence.

Over the years Lebowakgomo Hospital in Limpopo Province has been facing allegations of poor service to patients. Patients including pregnant women endures hours without being provided food, patients get served breakfast meals at 6:00 pm in the evening, without eating anything from sunrise.

The continuous poor service offered has left the hospital in jeopardy following the passing of Florence Mphahlele who died in labour during the week. The mother of the deceased said that her daughter was in labour for 16 hours and predicted that her daughter will give birth through c-section again as the deceased had previously given birth to two babies through a cesarean section on different occassions.

The grieve stricken mother further revealed that she believes the hospital is responsible for the death of her daughter as the staff of the hospital didn’t attend her. Days after the passing of Florence, the mother of the deceased learnt that her grandchildren were removed from her mother’s womb during the conduction of a post mortem examination.

“When i asked what time, she delivered the baby and the gender of the baby i was told that the baby is still in the womb”

“I told the staff that i brought my daughter here so she could get the medical attention she needed, and no one told me what procedure was followed to assist my daughter, if i knew that things would turn out this way, I would’ve let my daughter give birth at home so she could die in my own hands.” she said.

Following the incident, the Limpopo Department of Health has lodged a special investigation into the passing of Florence Mphahlele.