May 24, 2024

Motho Ko Hlapa Farm in Koope village.

Motho Ko Hlapa

In Koope village, Bolobedu in the outskirts of Tzaneen, one would find a recent establishment called Motho Ko Hlapa (A person must bath) farm.

The farm founded this year and owned by an entrepreneur and a book author Moses Gazman Mkansi.  The name Motho Ko Hlapa, is inspired by those who are familiar with bathing and cleanness.

Through his farm, Mkansi looks to tackle youth unemployment in creating temporary and permanent jobs for the youth around Bolobedu.  Mkansi plans to also provide a platform, for upcoming artists around, in order to showcase their talent and abilities.

As a sign of appreciation to the people of Koope village for welcoming and supporting his project, Mkansi has broadened his good deeds by sponsoring a local football & Netball team. He wished to donate the teams with kits, balls and bibs.

A proud community member Ngwako Kgatla said “Although we know that there are those who have hidden agenda to stop this project to serve their personal interest, we reassure them that their hidden agenda will never manifest because we know they don’t want to see development in koope village. Motho ko hlapa farm is the future of Bolobedu and we wish more young people can come and invest on their land in Bolobedu and bring civilization in our rural areas of Bolobedu.”

The official grand-opening of the restaurant is scheduled for 24 December 2021 on Christmas Eve and will be featuring the most popular beatmaker around Bolobedu MackEaze & the Ska Ndropela Phone hitmaker Limtrain. Mkansi hopes Covid-19 will not hinder the plan and urges people to listen and follow the rules and regulations set by the President to reduce the number of infections.

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