Jun 15, 2024

Moshe Ndiki onto Food Franchise | Moshe’s Kitchen


The East Point Shopping Center found itself a new food truck owned by South African actor and presenter Moshe Ndiki. The actor from the Queen took to his Instagram account to announce a new career path.

With a rather confusing caption talking about things given and removed but also making it clear he gives all thanks to the almighty, Moshe’s post was welcomed with congratulations and well wishes.

Starting your very own business in south africa as a youth has turned into a big deal with unemployment at its peak. Creating job opportunities is the way many youths are heading caused by the frustrations of having brothers and sisters who sit with qualifications.

Now the question at hand stand on will Moshe be seen as the host of ‘You Promised To Marry Me’ on Moja Love even after fans made it clear they want Jub Jub back. Not forgetting the cancellation of ‘The Queen’ will Moshe still continue with acting or food is the new him?