Jun 15, 2024

More Youth Joining Operation Dudula

More South African youth joining Operation Dudula in the fight to “taking back the country” and working to get government evict illegal immigrants.

The scenes started earlier in the year in Soweto Johannesburg, the Operation Dudula under Nhlanhla Lux, took to Bara near the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, where vendors mostly foreigners, occupy in selling.

Since then, they took to Sandton Mall with the SA youth to submit their CVs demanding job opportunities are made available. In various interviews with the media, Operation Dudula say they are mainly fighting unemployment as as more SA graduate study to sit at home while foreign nationals are employed.

They say government has not acted upon this but made mention of it therefore they are following the “actions speak louder than words” route in the fight to end the culture of illegal foreign nationals allowed in the country. They are everyday marching with the “Taking Back Our Country” slogan.

Julius Malema of EFF political party, has of recent called the Youth among the Operation Dudula group, “Lazy and Thugs” igniting rage steam in youth members threatening to abandon the party due to the words of its leader. They expressed on their social media how he is going back on his words when he was the first before Herman Mashaba to make talks of “getting rid of illegal immigrants” and now calls them “brothers and sisters”.

Recently the group has headed to Johannesburg CBD in Hillbrow in attempt and claims of cleaning Hillbrow off drug dealers and operators, and are planing the second part on Saturday 19 February 2022, where they plan to continue where they left off. Police are always present at these marches, with some ending in violence between the police and protesters.

The leader of Operation Dudula says he will continue to fight even if it means he should die for it, he added that his motive is to make the government put South Africa first and tacking the Unemployment rate. More and more students have enrolled in different higher institutions, and the group says this fight is to certify they have space for employment post graduation.

The youth are on a daily basis joining the group saying they are tired of hearing promises from the government to make South Africa a home again for citizens and are now in the struggle to take back their country and act where the government failed.

Clips and images of the protests are currently doing the rounds on social media, with content available.


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