May 28, 2024

Mopani | Match-day 1 Of SAB League Champ of Champs Playoffs Produces 19 Goals.


A tale of +-20 games played in SAB Mopani Regional League has seen 6 teams (Josy United FC, Thlothlokwe Golden Syrup, Gawula FC, Tzaneen United, Phalaborwa FC and Joppie All Blacks) emerging as champions of their respective streams, with Playoffs being the decider of Mopani region Champions.

The highly anticipated Champ of Champs Playoffs in Mopani took place this morning, with the opening fixture being between two Bolobedu South based teams, Josy United and Thlothlokwe Golden Syrup.

Both teams started the game with high tempo as both teams kept each other busy with no luck of breaking the deadlock in the first half. As the 2nd half kicked off Josy United found the back of the net through Glen Sekhwela and Thlothlokwe Golden Syrup equalised within a blink of an eye, the deadlock was shortlived as Josy United doubled their lead to claim all the 3 points in the opening fixture.

The second game of the day saw Tzaneen United beating Gawula Classic FC 3-1 to claim the 1st spot of Group B, meanwhile Thlothlokwe Golden Syrup went against Joppie All Blacks in the 3rd match of the day with Syrup looking for a win to erase the thoughts of losing 1st game.

Thlothlokwe Golden Syrup woes of the day were far from over as they were reduced to 10 after their Goalscorer of the day Ngwako “Passney” booked a red card, and were held to a 2-all draw by Joppie All Blacks . Gawula Classic FC went into the 4th match of the day against Phalaborwa FC whereby, Gawula registered their first 2-1 victory of the day.

The 5th match of the day was between two teams of highly praised Coaches in Mopani, Joppie All Blacks competing Josy United who needed a point to qualify for finals, both teams were pressing against each other and Josy United registered their 2nd victory against Joppie All Blacks, to stand at position 1 with 6 points in Group A.

Wrapping up the day, the last fixture was between neighbours, Phalaborwa FC and Tzaneen United, whereby the match ended into a 2-1 victory for Tzaneen United, with 19 overall goals scored.

Tzaneen United
Tzaneen United