May 24, 2024

Money Heist |G4S vehicle robbed on N1/N7

The G4S vehicle attacked by robbers on the N1/N7 road in Cape Town, leaving passerby’s with plenty of cash to collect for themselves.

The highway came to a stand still as motorists were blessed with “raining money” moment when a G4S Cash in transact money heist went underway. the money vehicle was on the national road when robbers attacked the vehicle, taking off with an undisclosed amount of money.

The incident caused heavy traffic, many stopped to collect the money left of the ground after robbers fled the scene. A video clip ( of people collecting the money is doing the rounds on social media. Patriots on twitter say such clips are an indication of how the economy has locked society and will always act when such opportunities are given.

“While their actions are criminal, it also paints a bigger picture of the economic dire straits that South Africans are going through that when an opportunity like this presents itself, is it really a crime to “take” what’s laying on the ground and buy food for your family?”…

“I knw our police force will start the search for the people on the clip rather than the robbers.”

While people helped themselves with the money, the G4S security personnel was still inside the vehicle possibly unharmed, while a few cars away from them, a car was on fire awaiting emergency rescue team. Further information will be reported once more information comes to light.

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