May 24, 2024

Molemane STUDIO101 Game Center Save’s The Community.


Meet Rustenburg resident Oreabetse Molemane, who started a gaming facility to keep the children of his community entertained and away from crime and drugs.

Molemane is a civil engineering graduate and owner of Studio 101 who grew up in a little township called Mogwase. He grew up playing arcade games with his friends during a time when computer games, video games, and smartphones were only available to the wealthy.

Seeing a lot of teenagers spend their time and money on “drugs and alcohol” in my community, he saw the need to step in and help keep them off the streets. “My Community is a fascinating township with a lot of potentials to enhance the economy of South Africa,” he told Africa Newz.

Furthermore, he stated that when he was growing up, he had few friends who owned consoles and was deprived of the opportunity to invite other friends over to play with him, which motivated him to launch STUDIO101.

Studio101 is for the sake of entertainment and for the less fortunate children who cannot afford to get a console. From the beginning, his family and friends have been supportive of his initiative and that gave him the motivation to not stop but continue.

The business has been hampered by the covid-19 epidemic (lockdown), and has resulted in the business taking a hit. In addition, loadshedding has had a variety of effects on the firm.

He opened up to Africa Newz and said, “I began with a single little television and a single game console. So, given my background, I’d say this is my greatest achievement, as I now have five televisions and my customer base has risen as a result of a business growth. Not to mention this interview, which is my first ever.”

Molemane, stated that one of his goals is to form an Esports squad that will play in the world’s most prestigious championships.

According to him, Esports in Africa is not as popular as in other parts of the world, he thinks they’re still teaching the gaming community, that gaming isn’t just for pleasure, it can also be a career.

Studio101 has already had a significant impact on the neighborhood, with both young and old people finding a wonderful place to distress, socialize about improving their community, and be entertained at a lower price.

With enough wealth, it will become easier to develop and invest in other places,” Molemane said. We wish to popularize gaming culture in South Africa because it has numerous positive impacts. We’d also need a few sponsors who are enthusiastic about our initiative.

“Have faith in yourself. Don’t let your fear of failure get in the way of your success. Whatever appears difficult to accomplish, as long as you can visualize it, you can accomplish it.”

Studio101 is establishing a new mobile Game Center so that children who live far away can benefit from the opportunity to be entertained… He’d love to host a fun day shortly…

 To get in touch with Oreabetse  Molemane let us know on any of our Africa Newz social media pages or contact him on 079 314 8764

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