Minnie Dlamini on cheating spree allegations

Minnie Dlamini

More allegation about Minnie Dlamini Jones’ affairs are being brought up on social media. Ghost Lady on podcast and chill with MacG revealed further shocking news, alleging She cheated on Khune with Jones whom she later matter, but also scored a job by sleeping with a DSTV boss.

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For some time Minnie’s name has been at the tip of the tongue, after she was linked to tycoon Edwin Sodi. News came through with Musa Khawula, a celebrity gossiper who took over the twitter gossip world. Musas news were dismissed and labeled as false by Minnie and her soon to be ex husband, Quinton Jones, in a statement issued a day after the allegations broke down. In the statement, the Jones threatened to place on the table a lawsuit as the news may cause malicious damage to their lives and careers.

Tweeps are somehow siding with Musa and thought the statement issued by the Jones was just a confirmations that the allegations are true. in just a few days, more allegations emerges, stating that Minnie Dlamini Jones has been on a cheating spree throughout her marriage. Her Million rand lobola with Khune quickly came to an end with new news that it was because she was cheating on Khune with Quinten Jokes, who got a takes of his own medicine with Edwin Sodi  and an un-named DSTV Boss.

An account with the same name as Musa Khawula, threatened to issue out tape recordings of Dlamini and Sodi. Twitter has their hawk eyes on Musa’s account, waiting on an update regarding Dlamini’s love affairs.