Jun 18, 2024

Millicent Monyepao Makes Her First TV Debut.


Millicent Monyepao made her first television debut on Mzansi’s No. 1 telenovela Skeem Saam. Her official debut was on Tuesday the 5th of March 2022. Monyepao is a South African actress born in a rural village of Ga-Sekgopo in Limpopo. She started acting during her high school days at Mocheudi and Mohlatlego Machaba High School at the age of 14.

“I began my journey in acting at the age of 14 when i acted drama at a nearby clinic during those Love Life Programmes”

“In 2017 I joined a crew called”Going For Goals Films” whereby i became a director there whilst acting the “Onyameletse” film on the production, I later relocated to Joburg whereby I applied for being an extras on Skeem Saam and they later booked me. I did my first shoot as a voice over and later did my second shoot whereby at a jail scene of which I enjoyed being part of it .”said Monyepao.

Despite appearing on Mzansi’s No. 1 telenovela the 30 year old also worked as a hostess on Mzansi Wethu’s talk-show ” Siza Mina”.
“I was happy and excited when I saw myself appearing on National TV screens because Skeem Saam was one of the soapies I wanted to see myself on.” she said.

Millicent Monyepao’s work is greatly influenced by her rural background, having a deeper understanding of self-rootedness in culture which has made her start her own Production Company ” Entropy Productions.”

” I’ve started this Production Company with my two friends Phineus Ramoshaba and
Charles Monyeserala the primary goal is to help actors and actresses from Limpopo gain recognition.” she said.

The 30 year old has revealed that her ambition is to see herself appearing at showmax and Netflix films in 3 years time.