May 24, 2024

Mihlali shocks fans with R50K Girlfriend Allowance


Mihlali Ndamase the “Forbes30Under30”, founder of BeautyandTheBeat and also an award-winning Content Creator shocked many when she made a confession of having received R50 000 a month for girlfriend Allowance.

I once had a girlfriend allowance and shame it was cute, he used to give me 50k a month…mhmmm I was happy, I was so happy” That what Mihlali said to Boity on a video that kept many jaws falling to the ground.

What stunt tweeps a lot was Boity’s reaction to the statement when she did not act shocked or like someone who had no knowledge of the scenario having to have really happened but rather smoothly agreed and added on how it assisted Mihlali with what she needed at that time.

While Jaws were dropped on the ground, fans could not stay away from having a say on what Mihlali said. The world was separated into two some were full of criticism while the rest were just simply happy for her and said Well, she worked for it why care. A few of the tweets read as follows:

“You Attract what You Are!!Money Attracts Money”

“These girls lie. It’s always “some guy.” Don’t fall for this pressure. For R50k a month plus her earnings, she would have way more assets – it doesn’t make sense”

“It must be cap. R50k a month? SARS needs to investigate these people, maybe it is time we go into socialism. The country’s wealth can’t be so unequal. Or she’s Twitter baiting? Must be…”

“I hope she managed to invest some of that money. Remember looks fade. She must maximize her pretty privilege. But women need to also know that they can earn more than 50K using their own brains. Everything comes at a cost. We don’t know what was expected of her for that money.”

“Eh baba eh baba suba bitter! Better to get fucked for R50K a month than an “I love you”.”

Celebrities bring about trembling into the world of twitter with their shocking confessions or their fans take to twitter and make a trend of it. A few hours before Mihlali, tweeps gathered after Somizi said Mohale was dead to him on Cassper’s Braai Show but later said “not my mohale” when Cassper asked what happened people say Mohale pulled one Italian Job on Somizi. We are yet to see whose statement or confession is next to keep twitter buzzing.