Jun 22, 2024
Business Technology

Mihlali On Starting Beauty Business listing Website


Mihlali Ndamase gives women just what they want. The young entrepreneur is known for her make-up line and being a YouTuber. Mihlali took a problem ladies encountered for years, and handed a solution on a silver platter. A business listing website which gives recommendations for beauticians near you.

You need a make up artist, a nail tech, or get your hair done, malakyt website carries recommendations nationwide. When using the website you include type out the name of your town to get a list of beauticians available in and around your area.

Finding the right person has proved to be difficult even with social media. Many ladies have given their reviews on the website and said to be efficient and reliable. Since many high schools are heading to celebrate their matric dance/farewell, beauticians are a necessity during the course of the time. And such websites come handy for quick searches.