May 28, 2024

Mihlali confirms relationship with Leeroy Sidambe


south African influencer Mihlali Ndamase seemingly confirms her relationship with businessman Leeroy Sidambe in a quick post and delete. The influencer has been the trending topic more times than one can count over said relationship. Leeroy is said to be divorcing his wife for Mihlali.


Fans speculate on whether Mihlali’s recent story that she captioned “ the storm is over now”  was to taunt Leeroy’s wife. One Twitter user said that Mihlali has been hinting at the affair for a long time and proceeded to share an Instagram screenshot where the influencer says “ They did say bamnandi abantu babantu”

Fans were also shocked by Mihlali’s ongoing friendship with social media influencer Bobby Blanco. The two shared posts of a meal they’d shared together. This comes as a surprise to fans as a few weeks ago Mihlali removed all content on her Instagram that featured Bobby. Fans speculated that Bobby was infact the mole in Mihlali’s Instagram close friend’s leak.

“Lol!! Mihlali is not here on earth to live her life in your terms. I still say her choices in life shouldn’t  affect you. You gave a sister/cousins with kids from different  men and no is saying shit. Her life. Her rules”, commented one Twitter user.

Another twitter user had this to say, “Who is cheating here ?? Is it Mihlali or Leeroy ? You came for Mihlali yet the person cheating here is Leeroy.  You find it easy to insult another yet the person who is cheating is Leeroy . “