Apr 18, 2024

Meet Gift Nhlapo, the owner of Lifestyle Clothing for PLUS-SIZED Men and Women

Gift Nhlapho

“The Aim Is To Encourage Our Clients To Love Their Bodies And Have Confidence When Wearing Our Garments.” Being ambitious, fun-loving and an outgoing 25 yeah old who firmly believes in God’s work, Gift Nhlapo is a true representative of body positivity. Born in Duduza a small town in the East Rand (Duronto), Nhlapo saw a gap to introduce brands for plus size men and women.

Nhlapo had no intention of becoming a clothing designer, but the absence of room in brands for plus-size individuals inspired him. “There was a day when I had to go to an event and had no idea what to wear and my hometown is full of clothing brands, but most of them don’t cater to plus-size people. That’s when I discovered a gap, and my passion for designing clothes began.”

The young entrepreneur simply put one foot in front of the other and kept moving forward, he put on his blinders and charged ahead. One of his friends Kagiso, who happens to being the owner of Pusha Panda and known to being a good hustler that takes one step at a time, always speaks his mind out, introduced Nhlapho to the world of clothing.

“Most of the time I feel like I’m not enough, so I just take a break for twenty days, just to be myself and do whatever I want to do, with some crazy research and then come back strong, with more crazy ideas.” Nhlapho says there are no mistakes in design, just doing your thing and being yourself every day is worth everything.

To contact Gift Nhlapo +27 68 171 3002 email address: giftnhlapo7@gmail.com / Facebook: lifestyle clothing.

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