Apr 16, 2024

Growing up poor can be a great benefit in helping you build your financial wealth later in life


Supporting local talent is significant nowadays. And it is great to see local fashion brands rising to the top of the ranks in the country.

Kat Surprise Matlou said not deterring those who are in or those who still wish to be in varsity but going to varsity for some degree then coming back to seek employment is a challenge that currently seem to not make sense, especially since our country now has the highest unemployment rate in the world.

“We need to be thinking about opening businesses. That should be our main focus, not only will we be helping ourselves, but we’ll also be helping to improve our economy,” noted Matlou.

On that note, Matlou is a 25 year old with his own clothing brand called Future Mfana. He is living his dream trying to inspire and empower others, moved from not having enough clothes to building his own clothing brand.

What started as a small home business in the small township of Zithobeni in Bronkhorstspruit, has since grown into a sought-after brand. According to Matlou, Future Mfana is more than just a brand, it is dedicated to working with customers to design the future.

He also added that design and quality are at the core of everything he does. “Brands need to gain a granular understanding of the differences between consumers in different geographical location to truly identify with and succeed in this market,” said Matlou.

Consumers now want local fashion brands that tell a story, brands like Future Mfana. Not only is the brand just desired by the younger generation, all consumers trust these brands more than they did in the past, both young and old, people are looking to get behind local brands. Simply because is vivid to them and the significant value they proclaim.

In addition, he said local brands are making waves and definitely killing it, both urban and streetwear industry gets bigger and bigger each day and giving consumers a choice of trending styles.

Urban fashion is defined as a style that takes influence from the quirky individual styles of those on the streets. However, since we now live in a more mixed society where people from townships walk together, these two fashion trends have become somewhat blended.

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