May 20, 2024

“Matenase WA Di Yobisi”


And just like that Matenase wa di yobisi breaks the internet. A video of a white learner trying his utmost best to dance goes viral, starting the Matenase WA Di Yobisi dance challenge.

It’s the facial expression and the seriousness in him when dancing that takes the lead. To him it may seem like he’s killing the dance moves but on the other side of the camera many see something different and funny.

Although the video may be hilarious and comedic, the learner unintentionally started a dance challenge with the public now taking videos of their friends who her horrible dancers, and adding the Matenase WA Di Yobisa as voice over to the clips.

The video breaking the internet and actually receiving great reviews and remarks on it, shows South Africa can be diverse and is a country with humour. The public is yet to know who Mr Matenase WA Di Yobisa’s real identity and who the friends behind the camera is. But nonetheless, the video is loved by many, most of all, the choice of music to his dance is a cherry on top