May 28, 2024
Business Entertainment

Mashabela Extends Invitation to the Boardroom


If you know Mashabela “Papago” Galane, then you know it’s about to go down, brace your ribs as you’ll be laughing none stop. Mashabela has been allegedly asked by Flying Fish SA to “contain his jokes” for 3 days and he has accepted the challenge in a hilarious video shared on his business page.

The comedian who happens to own products he believes will come in handy during “Boardroom” meeting at night, was indirectly updating his followers on the Moringa Gin and his dicknified with Moringa capsules.

Fans of the comedian vouched for Mashabelas products, and are appreciative that his gin and capsules are made available for both male and female. Not only did they confirm it works, but recommendations flew in one after the other.

It looks as though the products put together brought about the boardroom idea, and has assisted many in that department. To be dicknified, the capsules are available at click and for those who rely on quickening the mood with the use of alcohol, Moringa Gin is available at Tops.