Apr 18, 2024

Marapyane Buildit pap and wors eating contest


On the 08 of September 2021 Marapyane Buildit announced eating contest challenge to be held on the 25 of September which is today.

It was said that the ten entries will take part in the pap and wors eating contest, the eating contest, entries closed on the 23 September after customers were requested to enter for the competition  at Marapyane Buildit store and do that at their own risk.

Seven of the ten proposed contestants took part in the competition, presented with the opportunity of winning a braaiing pack. The food looked to be hot and chilly as the contestants kept on drinking water and taking their time.

None of the contestants was a women as expected that men are likely to enter such contests and show of their eating skills. It took the eating contestants at least four minutes to complete their plates.

Our efforts to reach Marapyane Buildit and find out who managed to win the contest and walk away with the proposed price were fruitless. As their phone took us straight to voicemail and the messages sent were not replied.


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