May 20, 2024

Mankweng | Maletja Mogashoa Arrested For Concealment Of Death.


The death of a loved one is the tip of the iceberg and there is a glacier of change occurring within a family, often invisible to others.

Kate Mogashoa (54) from Monywaneng village in Mankweng, Capricorn District mysteriously disappeared on the 27th of April 2022. Her disappearance raised a few eyebrows in the community, as she was someone who always participated in community duties such as funerals and meetings.

Her absence continued to raise eyebrows until, the community asked for the intervention of Conty Lebepe Foundation to assist in finding her as they felt the police dragged their feet. Following the investigations made by the Foundation it was later discovered that the 29 year old Maletja Mogashoa allegedly buried his mother alone because she had no Burial Society.

The 29 year old was hauled out of hiding in Tembisa, Phuma Silwe section on Saturday evening, upon his arrest he allegedly confessed where he buried his mother because she doesn’t have a burial society. He was handed over to the police and arrested for concealment of death. The deceased’s body was found buried in a shallow grave near the local river.

According to some community members, the deceased was very active in the community and the leading singer at most of the funerals. Meanwhile, the deceased Kate Malehu Mogashoa was laid to rest Sunday, May 29.