May 28, 2024

Man dies after consuming Jägermeister for a mere R200 in Venda.


Tarven’s are slowly becoming slaughterhouses in South Africa, with over 23 deaths reported from tarven incidents.

With the Enyobeni Tavern tragedy victims not being cold in their graves just yet, the past weekend has seen South Africa mourning yet another people following the recent mass shootings that has claimed a total number of 21 lives in Soweto, Katlegong and Pietermaritzburg.

Another person between the ages of 25-30 has been confirmed dead from consuming Jägermeister in a drinking competition that took place at Blue Corner Car Wash & Liquor Restaurant, in Ha-Mashamba village Venda.

It is alleged that the man entered the R200 prized competition whereby competitors had to finish the Jägermeister bottle in 2 minutes, of which he did finish at the estimated time and later died at scene. The Liquor outlet later took it to their Facebook page and posted that they’re temporarily closed.