Jul 20, 2024

Mamkhize Takes a Short Left to Limpopo


Lejwe la Metsi situated in Limpopo opened their doors to business woman Shawn Mkhize for a mini getaway. Arriving in one of luxury vehicles, the Royal AM owner recieved a royal welcome from the staff.

With a short tour from the queen herself, accompanied by a caption inviting South Africans to explore the countries hidden “gems” places of beauty and relaxation. Lejwe la Metsi based on the tour signifies royalty, a place hovered in green land and waterfalls.

South Africa has 9 provinces with each having sites of relaxation, fun and thriller moments. From lodges to resorts, to towns like Soweto with historical sites for tourism. Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted and adjusted, therefore giving people a little freedom to travel and explore the beauty of SA.