May 24, 2024

Mamelodi’s “John Wick” strikes again


According to multiple reports, a vigilante known as “John Wick” has allegedly shot and killed the leader of the Notorious Boko Haram gang this afternoon in Mamelodi, Tshwane.

The Vigilante known as “John Wick” has been reported to have been killing gang members in the township of Mamelodi and now it seems he has stricken again this time allegedly shooting and killing the Boko Haram gang boss known as “Nkunzi”.

South Africans have reacted to the news on Twitter with some seemingly celebrating the news. “I thought Mamelodi residents are talking John Wick, the John Wick kanti nah they have their own John Wick who sends you to heaven on a one-way ticket”.

“Happy new year to the people of Mamelodi. The big boss of Boko Haram (Nkunzi) was allegedly killed by AKA John Wick the bogeyman Babayega”, “after he’s done cleaning up the crime in Mamelodi will John Wick go to Johannesburg?”, read some of the tweets. The Police are yet to release an official statement.