May 24, 2024

Mamelodi Sundowns Ladies Team conquers Africa.

Mamelodi Sundowns Ladies dominance in the CAF Women’s Champions League isn't questionable as they are South African domestic Champions

Mamelodi Sundowns Ladies dominance in the CAF Women’s Champions League isn’t questionable as they are South African domestic Champions, they went into the tournament as underdogs as they have an extraordinary record of being undefeated since 2018 in all competitions.

The team’s hard work has secured them the CAFWCL trophy and their dominance didn’t really mean they had it easy in Cairo their solid defence was tested in the semi-final games but they lived up to their expectations and made it out of the tournament without conceding a single goal. Sundowns were amongst the eight teams that participated in the 14 days tournament and managed to reach the finals.

On Friday the 19th of November 2021 Hasaacas Ladies locked horns with Mamelodi Sundowns Ladies Team, and this was a second meeting between Ghana and South Africa in less than a week. The clash was of the best defensive and best attacking team in tournament. Hasaacas were keen to become the first female club to win the tournament meanwhile Banyana Ba Style were also keen to avenge for Bafana Bafana and bring the Star home.

Hasaacas dominated the first 15 minutes of the game as they tested Sundowns solid defence, as the game went by both teams didn’t pose any threat against each other, on the 33rd minute Sundowns broke the deadlock through Chuene Morifi and the game went into halftime with Sundowns leading.

Heading into the second half Sundowns picked up from where they left off and managed to extend their lead on the 66th minute through Mgcoyi. Sundowns held on to their lead until the referee blew the whistle to bring the game to an end. The South African based team won the maiden CAFWCL.

Mamelodi Sundowns are now among Barcelona and Santos Football teams that have won both Men’s and Women’s Champions League.