Jun 22, 2024

Malema questions ConCourt’s Delay in delivering judgments


The JSC had been forced to re-conduct its April interviews for two vacancies at the apex court after the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (Casac) challenged its lawfulness and constitutionality.

During Judge Kathree-Sitiloane’s interview, who was the second candidate to be interviewed, for a position in the apex court on Monday, Malema, a member of the Judicial Services Commission (JSC), said, there must never be an impression that Constitutional Court judges are above the law.

Malema expressed his concerns about the Constitutional Court delay in ruling on former president Jacob Zuma’s application for a rescission of the contempt of court ruling against him, adding that the matter was brought on an urgent basis before the court since there was uncertainty in the country but still they delayed

“The Constitutional Court takes forever to come back to us with so much uncertainty; how do we deal with that. Is that enhancing the good image of the judiciary, and if not, who is going to be held accountable? “He asked.

Kathree-Sitiloane said she understood the “frustration” attached to waiting for a decision. She admitted that when a matter is urgent, the court should deliver its ruling with the “requisite urgency”, It should be of high priority.

Judge Jody Kollapen was also interviewed by the commissioners and was asked about the fact that he is 64 – and how much longer he believed he will be able to serve on the bench. Kollapen said he would be able to serve as a judge until he was 70 years old, adding that his work fulfils him.

In the intervening period, Supreme Court of Appeal Judge Rammaka Mathopo, who is also contending for a position on the Constitutional Court bench, said mentoring women judges is one of the things he wants to continue doing. Over the years Mathopo has run numerous causes and seminars to equip women; he told the JSC. I believe in one thing; we cannot sit here and pretend and say if women are inferior – they are not. 7 judges are being interviewed for the 2 vacancies

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