May 24, 2024

Malamulele Police Station Robbed


It is alleged that on Sunday 21 November 2021 at around 23:00, a group of armed suspects stormed into Malamulele police station and held the officers hostage, forcefully locked at the back of a police van.

During the attack, five officers who were on duty, were held at gunpoint leaving one officer who was ordered to unlock the safe. The safe consisted of 5 riffles, 9mm pistols, shotguns and an undisclosed amount of ammunition that the suspects got their hands on.

After the attack at the station, suspects proceeded to a nearby Sasol filling station and a food outlet within the area, the two businesses were robbed off their cash with an unknown amount of money.

Police later implemented a 72 hour activation plan. Role players including a multidisciplinary team which consists of crime scene experts and special units within the SAPS combined the scene. Services at the station was later functioning fully after it was temporarily put on hold following the robbery.

The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union also lamented on the attack, insisting on a speedy implementation of the restructuring of the SAPS as one of the solution to addressing the on-going crisis.

The attacks take place at a time whereby there are many vulnerabilities regarding the reputations of police stations that are situated in quiet areas. Police say the shortage of resources and staff also play a huge mark in the on-going robberies.

Another incident happened in a similar way in Alexandra whereby 10  computers ,police jackets, cups and kettle were stolen, these attacks reveals how police stations are becoming unsafe.