Jul 20, 2024

Makhadzi: I am 25 years and managed to build 4 houses


The Venda hit maker Makhadzi shook fans with a surprising tweet. On Thursday night, Makhadzi put up a tweet celebrating her first entrance in her new home, after managing to build four houses for herself and family.

She built different houses for her grandmother, mother and father who separated but she did not let that make her choose, she built two different houses for her parents.

Overjoyed by her latest achievement, the young star posted a picture of herself sitting on the kitchen counter with a caption stating, “The first time I entered my house I took this picture. My dream came true and I am proud of myself. I built my grandmother a house, just because my mom and father separated, I decided to not choose but to build them both different houses. Now I bought my own.”

Congratulations tweets, flourished for the young musician from friends and followers. Celebrities like Pearl Modiadie quote tweeted, congratulating Makhadzi for her big step.  Her fans praised her big life decision saying her hard work and the right attitude, is prove enough that she deserves it.

Visionary Woman Campaign was launched by Apple music, to celebrate women in music and their achievements for Women’s Month, citing ‘Kokovha’ by Makhadzi, as the most streamed Mzanzi Female Album in South Africa in 2021. The hit maker started her music career performing at the taxi rank, not knowing one day she will top the charts of Apple Music.


    • 3 years ago

    Good for her black women power keep raisin the black excellence flag up

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