May 28, 2024

Makhadzi responds to Inno Morolong’s accusations

Multi award winning performer Makhadzi, responds to accusations made by social media influencer Inno Morolong. Known for what she calls “exposing”, Inno has taken to her social media, stating Makhadzi should pay back the Dundee July money after she did not make it to the event. Inno Morolong attacking Makhadzi

It turned out to ba a battle of social live feeds and comments, between Makhadzi and Inno. Currently in Canada for a show, Makhadzi responded to Inno in a live feed, saying she own nobody any money and that a statement was released, addressing the matter, clarifying  there’s a middle man who the organizers spoke to and paid to book Makhadzi stating that’s who everyone should order to pay back the money.

“Accusing Makhadzi of enjoying herself with people’s money when the world sees her working day in and day out was stupid of that lady. Saying she’s a getto artist that makes music for Tarvens and Taxi Ranks was also very stupid of her. What’s classy without a Brain? ”

Inno will be live on twitter space hosted by Musa Khawula but in the meantime, Makhadzi said her peace and the public sides with her.  With a lot said and done, it seems the two will be on this for all week, although fans are requesting that Makhadzi maintains her humble character, by not responding to Inno who has all the time in the world to post about people on social media. But Makhadzi says she’s human too and has feelings, closing the feed bu replying to the comment said on her beauty, saying if she was beautiful she would have decided to go sell herself on the side but of the roadnbut because she works hard for her money, beauty is the last thing on her mind adding on to say to those who say she’s living lavish because of people’s money, should  consider looking at how her fans continue to buy her music and promoters who book ker, and that’s how she made it to where she is today. The artist seems to be enjoying Canada, with the post recently added with a hastag “From The Village To The World.” #fromthevillagetotheworld