May 20, 2024

Makhadzi honoured for singing in her mother tongue language.


Makhadzi is one of Africa’s and South Africa’s most popular musicians, with fans all over the world dancing and singing along to her music, even if they don’t fully comprehend what she’s saying in her lyrics.

Makhadzi rose to fame when she released the song “Matorokisi” in 2020. Makhadzi figured early in her career that she needed to stand out from the genre’s tribaliser Pleasure Maja and the late Thabo Seremi, who both sing in Pedi.

She did her own thing in her Venda language which is widely spoken by 1.3 million people in Venda. Makhadzi recently stated that she will not be translating any of her music into English or any other language, nor will she be translating any of her lyrics into any other language.

Her promotion of her mother tongue language has seen her being honoured by the Pan South African Board with a certificate and multingualism award.