Jul 20, 2024

Makhadzi | Fill Up Botswana Stadium


Makhadzi breaks the record for being the first female artist to fill up the stadium after decades. Compared with Brenda Fassie during her days, Makhadzi made history in Botswana on Saturday night 26 March. While others were taking the red carpet at the The Bridgerton Affair, the queen concurred a one woman show in Botswana.

Upon receiving a warm welcome from the royal family when she arrived, her event turned out even better. Makhadzi “her majesty” proved the impossible as possible, fans of the artist are wowed and encouraged by the recent achievement, of hosting such an event in one of the neighbouring countries but still manage to be sold out.

She took the stage with Master KG, giving fans a highlight of the show, the cherry on top. With exotic dances here and there, stolen kisses, the crowd loved and enjoyed every moment. From having Mr fill up the dome, to also have the first female artist in years to fill up the stadium. Makhadzi is the new Brenda Fassie of this generation.

Makhadzi is yet to comment on her journey once she returns, however in the meantime she has been sharing a glimpse of her day to day in Botswana, including the beautiful welcome party she received from the royal family and the women of Botswana, who clothed her in their traditional during an intimate welcome ceremony.