Jun 22, 2024

Maimane Squabbles With Ordinary Citizen


Well known politicians are forever in the public eye, they do good the media will report they do wrong, media will definitely report and this time around its former Democratic Alliance leader Musi Maimane who caught attention for squabbling with ordinary citizen.

Maimane took part in a mini argument with a twitter user over his tweet about Nhlanhla Lux, where he asked Mzansi to balance him on what Lux meant when he said he recently built a house and was built by foreigners. A twitter user went ahead to say One South African leader Maimane, should focus on doing something about it and that’s when Maimane rudely responded to the user comment on how he can’t take a selfie and should join the gym.

Just like that the argument started and although some defended Maimane, others say if he wants votes he should be a leader and take caution on how he talks to the public, the same public he expect to vote for him. Political leaders should protect the people from corruption and matters relating to their well being. But what happens when the same leader would not accept the public’s opinion and takes it as an offense.

A number of users say Maimane is slowly losing their respect and votes because he fails to bring himself forward as a leader who is for the people and not against. Followers and supporters of  Operation Dudula say Maimane should work hand in hand with Lux and offer his advice there while working together instead of of throwing publicity stunt for twitter users to remember he exists.